A young male smiling at a person experiencing a disability.
We all have…

Our Why = Your Why

We think our beliefs are the same as yours—that all are worthy of connectedness, companionship, and community.

What Is an Intellectual Disability?

An intellectual disability begins before adulthood and is a significantly reduced ability to:

  • Understand new or complex information
  • Learn and apply new skills

Signs of the disability often appear during childhood. It is a lifelong experience, with most people needing some type of assistance throughout their lives to live in and be part of their community.

Disability Service Sector Goals

We are aiming to raise awareness about the Disability Service sector and its workforce of approximately 4000 employees supporting 6000 people experiencing intellectual disabilities across Saskatchewan. It’s about getting to know us and being part of ensuring inclusive communities for people experiencing disabilities, and it all starts with saying hello.

The Disability Service sector’s ultimate goal is for people experiencing intellectual disabilities to live healthy, safe, and meaningful lives in their community.

Importance of Community Support

People experiencing intellectual disabilities often require support as part of daily life.

  • The amount of support depends on the extent of the disability
  • Some people may need to learn skills to live independently
  • Others may require 24/7 one-on-one support
A direct support professional watching a friend read a book.
Teaching people to learn new skills
Being adaptable to peoples’ individual needs
Providing personal and healthcare supports
Supporting people to live in and enjoy their community

Empower Abilities

Transform Lives